Mandeville selects only the finest quality 100% natural European hair for its wigs and hairpieces. The hair can be straight, movement, waved or curly, and is matched to colour and texture in the required lengths. European hair is essential to achieve both the perfect look and feel, and because of its superb quality, it moves and swings like naturally growing hair.

It is generally understood that "real hair wigs" and "human hair wigs" are the same as "European hair wigs". This is not the case and is very misleading. It is important to make a clear distinction between the European hair used in Mandeville wigs and the Asian hair often used elsewhere. Asian hair is bleached from black and then redyed to match European hair colours. These processes damage the hair leaving it dull, coarse, dry and unnatural looking and also more difficult to cut and style.

In contrast, 'European hair' is soft in quality, feels, moves and reacts like naturally growing hair and is more manageable. However, it is difficult to obtain and is therefore more expensive. When acquiring a wig or hairpiece, it is important to be aware of these differences. If a natural look is required, it is essential to use European hair.

We appoint only the most experienced hairdressers to cut and dress the hair on the head to any style, in exactly the same way as they would a natural head of hair.

"Mandeville of London, a company founded in 1970 by Master Wigmaker John Clifton, has brought wig-making into the 21st century. It has won two Smart awards (a government award to fund research and technology) and is very sensitive to its clients' needs..." - The Independent... Read more