I’ve been diagnosed with alopecia and I’m terrified by the thought that I’m going to lose all of my hair. One of my mum’s friends wore a wig years ago and it was an absolute horror made of shiny nylon. Can you recommend anything?

Andrea, South London

I’m sorry to hear your news, Andrea, but thankfully times have changed since those drip-dry days. Mandeville of London, a company founded in 1970 by Master Wigmaker John Clifton, has brought wig-making into the 21st century. It has won two Smart awards (a government award to fund research and technology) and is very sensitive to its clients’ needs. The company offers a ready-to-wear range, which is cut and styled on your head and made to the same exacting standards as the made-to-measure collection and hairdresser

Nicky Clarke consults and styles some of the wigs. They are all hand–made with 100 per cent natural European hair. All flow just like natural tresses and you can have them restyled for special occasions. The Smart Collection is even more advanced and versatile – you can wash these on your head, and even wear them while sleeping. You can call Mandeville on 0207 386 5988 for an initial consultation. Prices start at £3,500. It sounds a lot but the wig will last for years.